Today Water treatment industry has become a comodity market with hardly few focussing on the life of components, operating costs, quality of consumables and life of equipments.

For most of the people in the market, scarcity of potable water has become an opportunity to sell products. Impact on the environment by the disposed membranes, cartridges, multyport valves, FRP vessels etc. are simply ignored both by the service provider and the consumer. For us at DEION, water treatment is not just supplying vessels, media, etc. and increasing our turnover. Our commitment is to provide our customer the best possible, cost effective, workable and long lasting solutions to their water & Waste water treatment requirements. Our aim is to benefit our customer with technolgy, quality and best possible after sales services. We bring before our customer an unbiassed and accurate information to enable a learned decision. Our priorioty is the “benefit of our Customer”.

We are proud to have

  • Over 300 satisfied customers who have appreciated us with their continued business.
  • Our User friendly quality products with which we are able to get repeat orders from our customers

Our Customer's can depend on us on :

  • Our 20 Years of experience in Water management
  • Our Technical expertise in providing the best solution
  • The Business ethics we follow
  • The Quality of components we choose
  • The Quality of the product we offer
  • The value for money we give
  • The deidecated after sales service
  • The warranty on our products.

Our Commitment to Our Customers are

  • We are dedicated to using our professional expertise accumulated over many years to provide our customer with the approprate water & waste water treatment solution . 
  • Providing expert advice, tailored to meet your requirements
  • Supplying high quality, good value-for-money systems with best in the class components.
  • We are committed to the best workman ship in all our supplies & services
  • We are committed to Support all our clients with our after sales services for the lifetime of their water & wastewater treatment systems
  • We are committed to Listen to our customers & suppliers feedback and updates on our products and technologies 
  • We are committed to Continuous improvement in all our products and services.