The Pressure Sand Filter’s are designed to filter Suspended matter with more efficiency in relation to Flowrates, Area Filteration and Turbidity loading. The Pressure Sand Filter can handle Inlet turbidity up to 25 NTU with adequate chemical dosing and The Filtered water would have turbidity < 5 NTU

The Water to be filtered is passed through the Filter in Downward direction.  The Filter media comprising Mixture of 16 x 30 mesh and 16 x 32 mesh Sand results in INDEPTH filteration of the suspended matter & turbidity.  The suspended matter present in the water accumulates in top 2” – 3” layer of Filter media.

The accumulated suspended particles are removed by BACKWASHING the filter media with upward flow of water. BACKWASH of filter is carried out once in 24 Hr OR when the pressure drop across the filter bed increases beyond 1 kg/cm2

The Filter consists of FRP / MS / MSRL / MSFRP pressure vessel fitted with internal distribution and collecting systems.

The unit is fitted with a set of Frontal Pipe work with Multyport Valve OR Butterfly Valves and Pressure Gauges.  The Filter is filled with Underbed material (1 ½” to 3/8” – 4 Layers of Pebbles and 8/16 mesh Gravels) and 16/32 mesh Sand as filter media. The bed depth of the underbed media is maintaned at 400 mm and that of Filter media at 915 mm.

DEION Offers Various capacities of Pressure Sand Filters starting from 0.5 m3/Hr. capacity up to 200 m3/Hr. Capacity and with Pressure Vessel Material of construction in FRP / MSRL / SS 304 / SS 316