Micron Filters are used to remove suspended particles of particulate size < 25 µ in size.

Micron filters use tubular filter elements to remove suspended solids from service water. Depending on the attributes of the service water and the impurities to be removed, the filter elements can be made of spun polymers, wound string or other material. The filter elements have a standard diameter of 2.5 & 4″ inches and are available in standard lengths (30 and 40-inch cartridges are used in industrial systems). The flow rate of the service water determines the length and number of filter elements necessary.

DEION Micron filters come in various sizes and with PP / UPVC / SS housing to house filter cartridges depending on application & choice.

  • RO Pretreatment Drinking
  • Water treatment
  • Food Processing
  • Beverage industry