The Iron Removal Filter’s are designed to remove dissolved iron from water by oxidation and filtration.

The Water to be filtered is passed through the Filter in downward direction.  The Filter media comprising Iron Removal Media oxidises the dissolved iron. Dissolved iron present in water as ferrous salts are converted to ferric salts. Ferric salts being insoluble in water, precipitates and are traped by the iron removal media.

The filter media is backwashed periodically (once in 8 Hr of operation) to fluidise the media and remove accumulated iron particles from filter media.

The Iron Removal Filter consists of Cylindrical Pressure vessel of MOC FRP / MSRL / SS 304 / SS 316 to hold Filtermedia. The Vessel is internally fitted with Inlet Distributor & and outlet collector. The Filter media is held inside vessel either by disc type strainers (for FRP vessels) OR by layers of different sizes of Gravel (Garnet) & Pebbles. Frontal pipework of suitable size either with Multiport valve OR with individual butterfly / ball valves, is fitted on the vessel to change water flow directions during Service, Backwash and Rinse of filter.

DEION Offers Various capacities of Iron Removal Filters starting from 0.5 m3/Hr. capacity up to 100 m3/Hr. Capacity and with Pressure Vessel Material of construction in FRP / MSRL / SS 304 / SS 316