DEION supplies custome built water treatment systems to produce 18 MΩ resistivity ultrapure water starting from 250 LPH capacity to 50000 LPH capacity.

DEION Ultra Pure Water treatment systems comprises of Filtration through Sand & Carbon, Single OR Two stage RO System followed by Regenerable Demineraliser, Mixed Bed Units, UV Sterilisation & filtration through 1µm & 0.2µm cartridge filter and Mixed Bed Polisher with non regenerable resins.

  • Optionally EDI units are offered in place of Demineraliser & mixed Bed units.
  • Compact design
  • Best in the class components.
  • Automatic operations based on tank water levels.
  • Safety features such as low pressure cut off, high pressure cut off, low / high voltage cut off, phase imbalance, etc. to protect the High Pressure pump from electrical surge.
  • Consistant treated water quality.
  • Superior design requiring very less chemical cleaning.
  • Longer membrane life.
  • Longer Resin Life
  • Best in the industry after sales service support.
  • Genuine spares.