Untreated waste water whether it is untreated Sewage or Industrial waste water poses serious environmental and health issues. Water when polluted looses its ability to retain Dissolved Oxygen which is the key for aquatic life as well as for drinking application. Soil, ground water and river water are all contaminated due to untreated water discharge. Treating waste water is more difficult than treating water. Whether it is Sewage water or Industrial waste water the raw waste water characteristics is not uniform and is unpredictable.

It is a big challenge to design a suitable waste water treatment solution that will operate consistently, reliably and cost effectively. Many a time enough information and data is not available to design a system. Under these circumstances the supplier’s experience becomes very important. We at DEION with our vast experience in water & waste water treatment are committed to provide cost effective reliable end to end solutions for waste water treatment & recycling.

DEION offers custome built Effluent Treatment Plant to treat Industrial waste water starting from 2000 LPD capacity to 50,00,000 LPD capacity.

The treatement method and equipment are carefully selected based on the effluent generation process, effluent charecteristics and to provide consistant treated effluent quality while meeting regulatory compliances.

At DEION, we provide waste water treatment & recycling solutions for all types of industries, Residential complexes, Hospital, commercial establishments, etc.

  • Compact design
  • Low civil costs.
  • Best in the class components.
  • Automatic operations based on tank water levels.
  • Consistant treated water quality.
  • Superior design requiring very less xonsumables.
  • Best in the industry Technical support.
  • Best in the industry after sales service support.
  • Genuine spares.