Clarification is the method used to remove suspended matter from surface water and industrial wastewater. In essence, it makes “turbid” water “clear,” as shown below

Clarification also reduces iron, manganese, organic material, oil and color. It can be configured to remove hardness. It is the first step in surface water treatment, because the processes that follow normally require clear and colorless influent water.

Clarification uses chemical addition and the sedimentation process to remove suspended matter from water. Chemical addition is done using Chemical dosing systems and sedementation is done in the flocculation zone of clarifiers. Below is a collage of different clarifier designs that can be offered for use in a water & waste water treatment system.

DEION Offers various capacities of Clarifiers starting from 1 m3/Hr. Clarifiers are available in types – Cogaulation clarifier (Cylindrical), Lamella clarifier (with inclined plates) and Tube Settlers. Coagulation clarifiers are usually civil constructed tanks with mechanical equipment such as feed well, agitator & sludge scrapers. Lamella clarifier and Tube settlers are supplied MS Fabricated tanks coted internally with FRP.