Activated carbon filters are very similar to multi-media filters and other pressure filters in construction and operation. They do not have the options of air scour or sub-surface wash. Figure 4.4-1 on the opposite page shows a typical activated carbon filter system .

The purpose of an activated carbon filter is to remove free chlorine, an oxidizing
agent that will damage most resins and/or membranes in a water treatment system. A chemical injection system using sodium bisulfite (a reducing agent) can be used in place of an activated carbon filter to remove chlorine.

Activated carbon may also remove organic material, however the flow rates are much slower than for removal of chlorine. Generally, the performance is not known until after the unit has been installed and operated for a while, and the bed must be replaced frequently. Other organic reduction technologies are usually indicated where positive reduction is required.

The Downflow Activated Carbon Filter’s are designed to remove organics & free oxidants from Water. Activated Carbon filter should always be preceeded by a Sand Filter.

The Water to be filtered is passed through the Filter in downward direction.  The Filter media comprising 8 x 16 mesh Activated carbon having 500 iodine value, adsorbs organic impurities and free oxidants present in water.

The filter media is backwashed periodically (once in 8 Hr of operation to fluidise the carbon bed.

The Activated Carbon Filter consists of Cylindrical HDPE moulded Pressure vessel to hold Filtermedia. The Vessel is internally fitted with Disc Type Strainer on either side of the vessel to retain the Filter media inside vessel while allowing water to flow through. One Multiport valve is fitted on the vessel to change water flow directions during Service, Backwash and Rinse of filter. The multiport valve is fitted with flexible Inlet, Otlet and Drain tubings.

DEION Offers Various capacities of Activated Carbon Filters starting from 0.5 m3/Hr. capacity up to 200 m3/Hr. Capacity and with Pressure Vessel Material of construction in FRP / MSRL / SS 304 / SS 316